Do you know that 8 out of 10 people leave your blog just after reading the headline?

Yes, you heard it right. Welcome to I am your facilitator Timir

Today I am going to dive deep into an often overlooked aspect of any blog writing content that is a Headline

  • The headline is the most critical part of any blog content as it is the deciding factor for further engagement with any reader
  • The first impression or a way to grab the attention of your audience is the Headline of your blog
  • It sets the tone for the rest of the blog content


Tips for writing headlines that are eye-catching, interesting and powerful

  • Remember the first 3 words matter
  • These 3 words could be a combination of
  • Buzzwords like Growth Hacks
  • Powerful and inspiring words combined with Adjectives like Stunning and spectacular


  • Maintain a standard character limit of 60 characters that is around 10-12 words
  • Google can only understand the first 60 characters objectively


  • Call to action nature of headlines make them click-worthy like
  • FOMO that stands for Fear of missing out such as the above one -Click-worthy
  • The reason why the reader should take the desired action or Unique selling point of the content


  • Informative, Inspiring and Innovative nature of a Headline always grabs the attention of your audience


  • Informative word combinations like How to, 5 secrets to, etc
  • Inspiring words like Growth Hacks to …
  • Innovative words like groundbreaking ideas to…


  • Leverage the power of numbers in your headline. Example
  • 9 steps to Digital Marketing success


  • Emotive word content in a headline arouses curiosity and generates interest in a reader’s mind like
  • Path-breaking inventions to change your life


Believe me, if you are a blogger or aspiring to be one, this is your first step to Blogging success

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