Have you heard of the terms Figurative speech and Literary device? 

Well, Do you know what do these terms signify? 

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Let’s dive deep into this world of imaginative terms 

Do you know what’s the difference between a Figurative language and a Literary Device? 

Figurative language focuses on the use of Figures of Speech that play around with the meaning of words by deviating from their literal meaning  

When compared to Literary devices, Figurative language is more lively, impactful and memorable  

We are well aware of some popular Figures of Speech like 






Being some of the common and popular ones  


Now, there’s something exciting and maybe new for some of you 

Have you ever heard of a term called ‘ Anthromorphism’? 

It’s similar to Personification but there’s a slight difference  

While personification is about assigning human attributes to non-human things in a Figurative sense  

For example- “ Justice is Blind” 

In its literary sense, Justice can’t be blind 

But in a figurative sense, it’s possible  



So, How is Anthromorphism different? 

On the other hand, Anthromorphism doesn’t assign human qualities to non-human entities in a real Figurative sense  

In other words, the non-human entities seem to do human-like things unlike Figures of speech  

For example, the popular novel Animal Farm is all about animals behaving like humans  

So, Putting in simple words  

Anthromorphism is more literal than Figurative language  


Next time you read a Novel like Jungle Book  

Remember that it’s Anthromorphism in action  

To bring its characters to life  

Suggesting that certain human characteristics are universal  


I am sure that this lesson on Literary devices and Figurative language was a useful one for you 

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