• Are you a blogger or aspire to be one?


  • Well the good news for you is that Content is the King in the 21st century and the bad news is that every blogger wants to be the king


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  • I am your facilitator Timir.


  • You must have guessed by now that today’s discussion is on one of the commonly asked questions these days by the content marketers


  • That is


  • How to be a blogging authority in their niche?


  • Blogging nowadays is the most powerful medium of interaction with the audience of one’s own niche



  • All Bloggers aspire to be an authority in their niche to leverage its power to reach maximum audience


The three key ingredients of any successful blog post

  • They catch a viewer’s attention
  • They’re helpful to a specific audience
  • They are unique


Well, before we elaborate on some popular blog styles, let’s talk on some basic things to be kept in mind while writing a blog that grabs the attention of your audience


  • Use short sentences in which information is broken into small chunks


  • Put the reader first. The purpose of writing a blog is about persuading the reader whom you are communicating your ideas to


  • Organizing your thoughts in a way that look natural to engage the audience with your blog post


  • The conversational style of writing with simple words serves the purpose of your blog post by connecting with your audience as it is easy to get through and to understand


  • Being specific and clear with your ideas creates a good impression in the reader’s mind


  • Consistency in blog posting is the key to a successful blogging career


Keeping these basic things in mind, you can become a successful blogger in your niche

I am sure that you loved and found this lesson useful.

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