Want to become fluent in English?
Now, let’s get it straight-you’ll have to get all the vocabulary down
Welcome to my myabcenglish.com
I am your facilitator Timir
You must have guessed the topic of today’s video
Yes, it’s memorizing new words
Whenever you think of adding new words to your collection, the first thing that comes to your mind is the boring pages of information
Isn’t that right?
How about learning new vocabulary in a new and exciting way?
Yes, that’s possible with Mind Maps
Mind Maps are more effective in dealing with large quantities of vocabulary
With Mind Maps, you can create a Themed collection of words and add new words to this collection whenever you learn a new word
A Mind Map looks something like this
In this way, you can choose a category and create subcategories of words linked to the main category by adding colored branches to it
Further adding an image to each word helps you remember them easily
It’s a great way of truly internalizing the words with a particular context so that you retrieve them for writing or speaking
Wasn’t it a great way to memorize vocabulary?
It’s time to say goodbye to old boring ways of learning vocabulary that makes it much harder for you
And adopt a more practical approach to deal with a large quantity of vocabulary by assigning meaning to them and connecting them to your network of existing knowledge
using keywords, short phrases, and images
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