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I am your facilitator Timir and I am back with a very important lesson on English vocabulary

You guessed it right!

The lesson is about most useful and commonly used English words by English speakers

A consortium of language experts and experienced teachers have carefully picked the

Keyword list of 2000 words

as the most important and useful vocabulary to learn in English from a wide linguistic corpus of spoken and written text in English language

Based on the

  • Frequency of their usage
  • Range or Varieties of their contextual use in our daily lives
  • Centrality or familiarity of the words like days of the week etc


A word of caution for all the dictionary users

  • Don’t confuse Oxford 3000 word list with 2000 keywords
  • The 2000 keywords are a part of Oxford 3000 word list and have a key icon next to them to identify them and these 2000 words fulfill all the 3 criteria of Higher Frequency, Usage in maximum contexts or commonality of their usage and are revised on a continual basis


As learners of English as a second language please make sure that you aren’t exposing yourself to reading and understanding texts beyond your language proficiency level

How would you understand of your language proficiency level?

There are two ways to do so:

  • Assessing your language proficiency level by taking an online English proficiency test like Cambridge or CEFR proficiency level test
  • Utilizing an English Vocabulary profile tool to understand one’s own understanding of English vocabulary


As continuous usage of dictionary might become a monotonous activity for you and thereby as a reader or a learner you might lose interest in learning the language effectively.


Research shows that as a learner one should be able to comprehend 95% of the words in a text to avoid usage of a dictionary

Key takeaways from this lesson are

  • Keywords are a good starting point for improving your vocabulary
  • These words often have many meanings
  • These words are used in a variety of patterns.

Isn’t the Vocabulary lesson worthwhile and interesting?

There’s more interesting stuff coming up..

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