Ingredients of success


Timir Naha is my name and welcome to 60 seconds success formula with Timir Naha

Each one of us striving for success in our lives

Let’s discuss about the most important ingredient of success.

It is about Excellence.

What is excellence?

It is setting up high standards of expectations for yourself

, Being seen as an expert in your niche.

The path to excellence is believing in yourself  and

strive for more by setting high standards for yourself


What is learning in the above statements?

Can you guess?

The learning is that in all the four keywords used above which are …. the common word is ‘YOU”

So stop making excuses and blaming others or situations for your results

Be a driver of your life, not a passenger

You are responsible for your future, not someone else

Realize your inner strength and power

How can you be responsible?

Well, Responsibility made up of two response and ability

Be a person who has an ability to respond to situations rather one who blames the situations for his/her failure

Responsibility is the difference between an ordinary or excellent result.

Focus on the positive outcome of any event, it may even be only learning from experience and try to derive value from even the worst situation in your life.

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