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Today, we start with one of the most important skills you need in the 21st century.

Yes, you guessed it right!

It’s the Data driven decision making skills.


So, what is Data driven decision making skill?

Well, it’s the ability to make informed decisions based on useful insights derived from the data.

The source of data you choose to gain useful insights depends on the goal or decision you want to make.

Taking an example- A popular travel rental company like AirBnB wants to gather  information about the quality of customer service offered by each rental property provider.


So, the right source of data shall be the reviews given by the customers for that property.

The reviews for each property owner can be organized based on a pre-defined criteria with the help of data tools like R or Python.


The same criteria can be communicated visually or with numerical figures to help the company arrive at the right decision based on the insights.


Isn’t that a great way to make informed decisions?

So, data analytics and science is undoubtedly one of the key skills to have in the 21st century.


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