Each one of you wants to speak English fluently  

But are you really fluent in English?. 


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I am quite excited! 

As I am back with another English Master class for you on 

 How to speak English fluently? 

Have you heard of Code mixing? 

Code mixing if often considered to be one of the greatest barriers to speaking English fluently  

So what is code-mixing? 

It is a bilingual form of communication in which speakers of English as a second language use words from their first or native language to fill gaps in their lexical awareness while communicating in English 

Why they do so? 

The answer is quite obvious  

Laziness and motivation to achieve communication often exceed motivation to produce grammatically correct expressions. 

consequently, they put fewer efforts to look for the right English words while communicating and instead use words from their native language 


Consequently, they lack proficiency in English as a second language as they fail to learn the complex structures in English by consistently avoiding their usage in order to communicate effectively using Simpler rules 


Frequent use of Filler wordsfrom their native language while communicating in English  

Robs learners of Vocabulary acquisition for the sake of expression and flow of communication  


Ambiguities in the understanding of English as a second language often arise 

As a consequence of mixing up of two languages in a sentence  

For example  

To use a phrase Open the Lights instead of Switch on the lights  

is semantically incorrect in terms of its usage or its meaning in the context of Light as an English word 

while the usage of the word “Open in a literal sense of its meaning might seem natural  in one’s own Native language 


Mixing up of one’s native language with English while speaking also poses challenges  

Incorrect pronunciation for Learners of English as a second language  

As they often commit Pronunciation errors  

As a consequence of  

Word stress being on the first syllable in their native language as opposed to second syllable stress in most of the English words along with sentence stress pattern differences  

They often also commit Spelling pronunciation errors especially in words with Silent letters like Honesty 

So to summarize  

Code mixing or bilingual communication poses a serious challenge to learning of English as a second language as well as affecting the ability to speak English fluently  


Though code-mixing might be used at initial stages of learning English to overcome hesitation its prolonged usage is not a good practice as it affects one’s understanding of the English language effectively as well develop competence in the language  


I am sure that you enjoyed this English master class 

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