Imagine if you could make your audience take any action you want.

Is that really possible?

Yes, it is

With rhetorical communication.

Think about the last time when you were blown away by a persuasive speech.

Wasn’t it something that came about naturally to you?

That’s the power of rhetorical communication.


That taps into an audience’s emotion and drives them to any intended action.

Well, you might be surprised to know that the first reference to rhetorical communication dates back to the times of Aristotle.

It’s Aristotle who gave us the famous Rhetorical triangle- to communicate in a way that can leave any audience spellbound.


So, what’s rhetorical communication all about?


It combines the power of 3 elements to persuade the receiver in a way that stimulates their emotions.


They are the Ethos, Pathos, and the Logos which means the authority or credibility you command as a speaker, the way you tap into your audience’s emotions by truly understanding their expectations from you and

Finally, the choice of your words to create the desired impact you seek to create on your audience.


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