Have you ever come across an awkward situation when someone asked you to summarize a book but you were left clueless about it? 

Is writing a book summary difficult for you? 

Well, it won’t be any more 

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You must have guessed by now that today we are going to talk about is 

How to write a book summary or synopsis 

What is a book summary? 

A summary tells readers about the most important points and elements of a book  


Here are a few tips or steps to write a book summary  


The first step to summarizing any book is often overlooked by most of us. It is reading the entire text with passion and understanding. It is key to writing an effective book summary. The more intensely you read the text the better you will be able to comprehend the book. 

Why is it so important? 

Reading a book with understanding helps you to jot down the most important ideas while reading to summarize the book effectively 

It will be much easier to draft your book summary if you’ve taken notes as you go along, 


The second and next step to write a summary of any book is to give the reader basic information before continuing reading the rest of the summary text  

The purpose or the reason behind writing the book should be clear in the introductory text of any book summary considering that the reader has no prior idea of the book theme with additional information like the Title, Author as well as the time frame in which the book was written 


Now, it’s time to move on to the next and the third step of writing any book summary 

Having described the background of the book in the previous step it’s time to condense the Elements or the main events of the book to offer a Big picture to the reader 

There’s a trick to identify the key elements of any book  

Excited to know about it 


It’s identifying those elements in each chapter that keep the story moving forward 

Well, the next question is  

 what are the elements to be identified? 

The elements or the main themes of any book summary usually includes 

  • The characters  
  • The Plot of the story  
  • The main ideas  
  • Summing up your opinions or Book review  


You can summarize each element into different sections or paragraphs 



The fourth step in writing any book summary is giving a meaningful conclusion to make something out of it for the reader 

It should guide the reader to arrive at a resolution about the meaning of the elements to consider the implications of the book text 

The key here is to help the reader gain a deeper understanding and intent of the book itself.  







The next and final step of writing a book summary is often overlooked by most of us. 

It is to Edit, proofread and revise the text of the summary 

It is a critical step in any writing task  

 Make sure to re-read the text for grammatical and spelling mistakes, clarity, organization and flow.  

There is always room to improve your writing, so take every opportunity to do so 


I am sure that it was a useful and super exciting lesson for you 

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