Hello My dear friends. Welcome to myabcenglish.com. I am your facilitator Timir and today we are going to discuss about an often neglected but a very vital aspect of any business communication which is

How to write an e-mail effectively to get the attention and response from the receiver

As we all know that Business e-mails are pillars of modern communication. Therefore the sender of the e-mail should take proper care of the etiquette, style and format of the e-mail to get good results.

The general structure of any e-mail is as follows

1 Subject line

2 Greeting or an opening

3 Body of the mail

4 Closing.


Here are Some general tips to be kept in mind while writing an e-mail

Tip no 1 – Always keep separate e-mail address for personal and professional use

Tip no 2 –The subject line is the most important part of any e-mail as it drives the receiver to open an

e-mail based on its importance and call for action. Therefore one must take care to be as specific as possible so that purpose of the e-mail is immediately clear once the receiver reads the subject line. In other words it should appear as a title to add an air of importance to the subject line.

Tip no 3 – Make sure that you start your e-mail with a courteous personal greeting to make it sound more polite and ensure that the receiver’s name is spelled correctly.

Tip no 4 – If some has given a prompt reply don’t forget to thank him/her for the same to put him at ease and sound more polite.

Tip no 5 –Avoid lengthy texts and keep it short and precise so that the reader is able to grasp the message quickly which ensures prompt reply

Tip no 6 – Prioritizing the text is essential in order of most important to least important to make sure that the receiver gets the gist of the message in the initial lines itself and it drives him to call to action and elicits quicker response.

Tip no 7 – If your e-mail elicits an early response then make sure that your relate a  prompt reply and action to the recipient’s objectives in a polite way mentioning the consequences of late reply.

Tip no 8 – If there are too many issues to be dealt with in the same e-mail, make sure to highlight them separately as bullet points to set clear expectations in terms of easy to read structure though the best practice is to send separate e-mails for different subjects.

Tip no 9 – Proper proof reading is essential before sending an e- mail in terms of punctuation , grammar and spelling  to avoid mistakes with proper spacing between paragraphs and leave a good impression as well as  present a professional image to the receiver.

Tip no 10 – The closing remarks for call to action by the recipient should be polite by use of phrases like “I would appreciate your early response and thanks for your cooperation. You may get back to me for any further clarifications” ending with a closing

In this way you can ensure that your e-mail elicits an early and effective response to make your business communication quick and effective

I hope you found these tips very useful.

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