one must start his communication on a positive note
For example one can start by saying –“Do you want achieve success with your idea”
Yes, It’s possible, believe me ……
Then you start with a story which inspires your audience and makes them believe in what you claim.
According to the research your non-verbal communication speaks more than your verbal communication
So your facial expressions and your body stance speaks a lot about what you are trying to convey to your audience
If you want to build trust with your audience you need to use your eyes which cannot fake your inner feelings and help you connect with them.
A confident stance makes your audience believe in what you say.
Make sure you maintain an eye contact with every person in the audience for average half a second.
Please remember that it’s not about you but your audience which matters.

A pitch is the words or speech an entrepreneur uses to persuade
someone to consider supporting a new product or business in some way.

Entrepreneurs often prepare different pitches of different lengths, so
that they can be ready for any situation.

This kind of pitch is often written for a general audience that could include possible investors, as well as possible customers, employees, or even suppliers. This pitch could also be used in a video shared on a crowdfunding website.

An elevator pitch is likely to have four parts.

A hook – A memorable hook attracts attention to you, your message and your business. There are things that can make your hook more memorable:
• Hooks can announce new information.
• Hooks should be surprising. Catching a prospect off guard gets attention.
• Hooks can be emotional or exclamatory.
• Hooks can promise a benefit or a solution.

A product description- Ability to describe his/her products or services effectively is another important trait, an entrepreneur should possess in terms of utility of the product/service, users of the product or service and who will be the key stakeholders in the entire business process.
Any description of the product/service should include and represent these facts clearly and effectively to draw the buyer’s attention and interest

an opportunity statement- Include a Call to Action (CTA)
Is there something you want your audience to do or think after your presentation. Do you want them to take action? Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do with a Call to Action.


a confident closing- A surprising fact can also help re-engage your audience, it will snap their attention back to you.Also ending with an inspiring quote and thanking your audience will help ending the interaction on a positive note.

I hope these tips are useful for aspiring Entrepreneurs .

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