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Today we are going to discuss about an often overlooked aspect of our career development.

It is about how to write an effective Resume or CV because one shouldn’t forget that it is the resume which reflects one’s suitability for the job in front of the recruiter first before one is shortlisted for an Interview. We also have videos discussing about Job interview tips in this channel and how to answer some commonly asked questions in an interview.

Let’s discuss about some general guidelines for writing a resume before going into details.

Tip no 1 : Please keep your resume Short as it demonstrates respect for the interviewer’s time as usually he has to conduct many interviews.

Tip no 2 : Never show employment gaps in your Resume. Try to add some skills acquired or training undertaken during that period.

Tip no 3 : Don’t forget to check minute details like spelling, grammar etc in the resume.

Tip no 4 : Keep standard font size like 10-12 pt with a standard font type like Arial focusing on proper gaps and margins to make the resume presentable.

Tip no 5 : Please don’t forget to  give your professional references and communications details accurately as it gives credibility to your resume while it is being shortlisted.

Tip no 5 : Make sure that the top half of the page speaks loudest and best about you and your skills and is able to grab the attention of the recruiter.


Here is what a standard resume should look like:

Remember to focus on the job you are applying for while making your resume. In other words a targeted resume makes your resume standout amongst other candidates.

The first section of your resume includes your Personal profile. Please remember this section conveys a lot about your personality .The trick is to make a mark on an employer’s mind in this section itself by highlighting your unique and key strengths by using keywords like Energetic, hardworking person delivering performance par excellence




I am an energetic and hardworking professional having a responsible approach to any task assigned to me. As a MBA graduate having a rich experience of 8years,I am a self motivated team player always performing par excellence.


Next part of your resume is the Professional history.

Please make sure that you highlight those jobs which are most relevant to the present job that you are applying for.

An ideal format for each job to be highlighted would be to give information about

Name of the position and responsibilities handled by you

Name of the company and a brief about it

Tenure of the job

Please don’t to forget to highlight your most relevant and impressive achievements in your present job to make yourself relevant to the company you wish to work for.

Standard format is to start with the most recent job and focusing on other jobs relevant to the job you are applying for.

These are the key things you need to keep in mind to make your resume stand out amongst other resumes

I hope you found the video useful. We will be discussing about writing a cover letter in our next video. Till then keep learning .Bye bye


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