A picture’s worth a thousand words.  

Well, that’s what effective writing is all about.  

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You must have guessed the topic of todays video by now.  

Yes, it’s about showing your readers rather than telling them to engage them in your writing.  

Let me ask you a question.  

If you read something like this “ The birds were singing and flowers blossoming everywhere.  

What does it remind you of?  

It not only reminds of you of the spring season but also engages you as a reader.  

Here’s the take.  

It’s the art of showing rather than telling with your writing that actively involves your readers.  

It’s like giving the reader a first-hand experience of the event to be immersed in your writing.  

But is it only about showing all the time?  

Well, it isn’t possible to show every time you are writing. Sometimes, there’s also a need to directly tell about something through your writing   

The use of figurative language, as well as metaphors and similes, are some of the powerful ways of showing your readers through your writing to build a deeper emotional connection with them.  

Taking an example, instead of writing that someone is nervous, you could say that his heart was beating fast to imply the emotion of nervousness.  

This is an effective way of engaging your reader in writing.  

Telling about something is just like sharing of information with your reader which soon makes them lose interest in your writing.  

By telling, you are stealing away the opportunity of discovering something by using their imagination.  

The reader prefers being actively involved in any writing rather than just being a passive listener.  

So, in a way you are invoking mental images in the minds of your readers by giving vivid image descriptions of something.  

A few things to remember while writing is to avoid usage of adverbs as it seems to highlight the writer more than the story.  

Dialogue in any writing is also a useful way of showing any real-time actions.  

So, to summarize showing is the way to make your writing more human-centered with implied understanding rather than conveying in a direct way.  

I am sure that it was a super exciting and useful lesson for you and will help you in many ways.  

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