Have you ever come across a situation when it was difficult for you to write a compound word? 

Well, I am sure  

You must have 


I am your facilitator Timir  

And today we are going to discuss an often overlooked aspect in any English writing process  

It is about identifying the type of compound words  


So, what are Compound words? 

When two words are used together to offer a new meaning, a compound word is formed.  

Compound words are written in three ways: 


open compounds that are spelled as two words, e.g., ice cream 


closed compounds that are joined to form a single word, e.g., knowhow,  


And hyphenated compounds  when two words joined by a hyphen, e.g., multi-faceted  


In certain cases, more than two words can form a compound example being  father-in-law 


Most of us often come across a tricky situation while writing that is whether to write compounds as separate words, one word, or hyphenated words. 


Here are some ways to identify the compound words 


Open Compound Words 

Are created in when an adjective is used with its noun to create a new noun or When adverbs ending in –ly combine with another word 

In such compound  words, we just use a space between the two words  

Some of the common examples of open compound words are 


living room 


coffee mug 


newly formed 



Closed Compound Words 


Closed compound words appear as one word.  Closed compound words are mostly made up of only two words. Here are some  examples of closed compound words  




Here’s a great tip to avoid confusion among the compound words. The  compound words which are frequently used in our daily lives are usually spelled as a single word  


Hyphenated Compound Words 

There are a few common rules relating to hyphenated compound words.  

A common tip to remember is that in most cases, a compound adjective is hyphenated if placed before the noun being modified by it, but not if placed after the noun. 


For example  

a long-term solution 


This is just one of the few tips relating to hyphens but we cannot always generalize them though they make our writing easier 


I am sure that this lesson on compound words was quite a useful one for you and will go a long way in improving your writing skills 


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